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Deckle Necklace: various colours


Deckle is made using a gorgeous natural coloured leather braided cord, quite light in colour the leather 'tans' with wear and becomes a bit darker. The beauty of the Deckle is the perfectly composed mixture of glass and polymer clay beads. They are purposefully arranged, visually balanced and unexpectedly versatile colourways.

The original Deckle measures 90cm, and this season we've introduced the mid length which comes in at 60cm. Matching bracelets are also available.

Please note: To aid with your selection the colour options are listed in the same order as the images are shown.

Tip: To wear your long Deckle doubled around open the necklace clasp, split the beads half to each end and then wrap it twice around before closing the clasp at the back. This way you will end up with beads on both strands.

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