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Leather Care

Leather Care

Why leather?

Oktoberdee chooses to use leather for its quality, appearance and lifespan. A leather bag, when cared for, will outlast products such as vinyl and fabric ten fold. We believe in creating products that last, and in that, justify their production.

You may want to give your leather product a coating of a Scotchguard type product, this gives the leather and fabric a bit more resistance to staining and oils (do be sure to carefully follow instructions provided on the product you choose).  You may also choose to use a leather cleaner if you notice a build up of dirt or grime over time, when choosing the right product for your bag we recommend taking your bag to a shoe repair store where they will be able to point out the most suitable product. Always try a test spot first.

The leather in your bag will soften with use, and the colour may deepen over time, this is due to the natural oils found in your hands, which nourish the leather, but can cause the colour to change especially with the lighter coloured leathers.Do take note that dyed materials such as denim, can and will rub into your beloved bag. Not much can be done to prevent this, other than choosing lighter denims and or wearing your bag as short as possible to avoid rubbing in the first place.

Leather, being a natural product, is inclined to differ skin to skin, therefore bag to bag. Wrinkles, spots and other surface characteristics are intrinsic. Small imperfections and variations should be viewed as character and not flaw.