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What are your bags made from?

Our collection is made using a cow hide (leather) which is tanned in Spain. The leather we choose is a by-product of the meat industry and our supplier is certified and complies with all European regulations and standards.

Our linings are sewn with hard-wearing cotton, each season has its own style/pattern. We chose high-quality hardware which includes zips, clasps and buckles.

Leather, being a natural product, is inclined to differ skin to skin, therefore bag to bag. Wrinkles, spots and other surface characteristics are intrinsic. Small imperfections and variations should be viewed as character. 

Please read below to learn why we choose leather.

Where are your bags manufactured?

We have our leather goods made in a small family run factory in Guangzhou, China. We have been working with this same maker for ten years and their quality is superb. 

How many of each design do you make?

Each collection and style differs but on average we manufacture just 25 of each bag, per style/per colour. Wallets are a little higher an average of 40 are made, per style/per colour.

Where can I buy Oktoberdee products?

We frequent design events throughout Australia to offer you a chance to get acquainted with our designs and quality in person. We sell all year round through our online store. See our events page here to plan a visit.

Do you wholesale?

Sorry, we are unable to offer wholesale at this stage.

Why leather?

Oktoberdee chooses to use leather for its quality, appearance and lifespan. A leather bag, when cared for, will outlast products such as vinyl (PU) and fabric exponentially. We believe in creating products that are worthy of the precious materials and energy that go into making them.

How should I care for my leather product?

As we chose a very high quality leather you do not need to pre-treat your product prior to use. The tanning process is thorough and protection has been built into the finished material.

If you do choose to apply care products to your bag or wallet always test in an inconspicuous area. The leather in your bag will soften with use, and the colour may deepen over time, this is due to the natural oils found in your hands, which nourish the leather, but can cause the colour to change especially with the lighter colour leathers.

Do take note that dyed materials and in particular denim, can and will rub into your beloved bag. Preventative measures include wearing lighter denim shades and wearing your bag higher on the body to avoid rubbing against the over-dyed fabric of your jeans.