Parlourpop! Hooray! October 26 2015

The Parlourpop collection is our colourful and confident new range of leather goods and jewellery. I must admit I have never been quite this excited about putting a collection out there into the world. 

I have taken a bold new trajectory with the leather goods to align them with the playful and unique aesthetic of our jewellery pieces. With an amazing new leather, which is soft yet robust, colourful yet classic, I've instilled plenty of character into the distinctive designs this season.

A highlight of the range are the collaborative pieces with Melbourne artist Belinda Marshall, whose dreamy pastel brushstrokes add bursts of colour and movement to the Ledger wallet and Jaffle bag.

I am so lucky to be working with manufacturers who are not only exceptional craftspeople but allow us to continue making our products in limited numbers, making them all the more special and noteworthy. Our bags are made in numbers not greater than 30, and just 40 of each purse is made.

Early in 2015 I was lucky enough to adventure through Bangkok, Hong Kong and Guangzhou (China). I found so much inspiration and so many amazing materials to bring home and incorporate into the Parlourpop jewellery collection, it has really been an amazing year and has left me so full of hope and happiness. I have love, love, loved assembling the Parlourpop collection, and judging by early feedback from stockists and market goers, I think I might be onto something pretty special.

Big love, Lauren. xx